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Veteran’s Benefits

If you are a Veteran or surviving spouse of a Veteran, you may be eligible for Aid and Attendance benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Aid and Attendance is part of the VA’s Disability and Death Pension programs, providing supplemental income for Veterans who have a disability unrelated to their military service and/or are at least 65 years old. Similar income is provided to the surviving spouse of a qualifying Veteran.

Maximum monthly benefits for those who qualify Aid & Attendance through the Department of Veterans Affairs are:

  • Surviving spouse of a Veteran: $1,149
  • Veteran with no spouse or dependence children: $1,788
  • Married couple where the Veteran requires care: $2,120
  • Income Improvement Pension (Veteran is healthy but spouse requires care): $1,404

In order to qualify, the Veteran or surviving spouse must demonstrate a regular need for the assistance of a caregiver and meet certain criteria. Please click here to learn about eligibility and applying for provider’s services through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Those who qualify can receive up to 10% off one week of En Su Casa’s private care services.

Thank you for your service!